Rescue Services, Construction Industry and Others

Tomorrow’s society will to a greater extent than today use service robotics, i.e. mobile robots that are autonomous, semi-autonomous or remote controlled. The area is still in its infancy, although applications such as robot vacuum cleaners and robot lawn mowers have been established on the market.

With our Fumo robot platform, we are entering that market. Together with the major Swedish rescue services, MSB and SKL, AB Realisator Robotics has developed the robot FUMO® to meet the needs of the rescue services. The Fumo concept consists of a base module onto which different applications, depending on the desired functionality, can easily be mounted. For the rescue services Fumo will contribute to a better work environment and safer undertakings. Our focus is to deliver the first robots to the Swedish rescue services that will serve as a proof of quality for Fumo.

Besides the rescue services we have noticed interest for Fumo from other areas such as the construction industry. Once more it is the size, robustness, and flexibility of Fumo that are of interest. For further understanding, please watch the 2 minutes video on the link:

Initially, we intend to generate revenue through direct sales of Fumo and associated applications. Service and support agreements are other sources of income as well as training in the operation of Fumo. Later on leasing or hiring might be of interest.

The initial Swedish rescue market is limited to ~30 robots so an international expansion is requested. We are not aware of any other robot with the same size and flexibility on the market today. In the construction industry potential customers has indicated a need of several hundred robots just on the Swedish market.

We are looking for an investment of MSEK 4,0 corresponding to approximately 25% of the company (post money). The investment will upgrade Fumo to a commercial version and structure an adequate organisation.

Contact person:

Thomas Eriksson, CEO
Mobil: +46 (0)70- 271 02 17