About Fumo

Fumo is developed in collaboration with the major Swedish rescue services for rescue services worldwide. Fumo is an UGV (unmanned ground vehicle) developed against the requirements and future scenarios identified in the collaboration. Fumo contributes to a better working environment and safer efforts, for example as an assistant to smoke divers and task management in difficult situations. Due to its multifunctionality, it is also used in many more everyday-like situations.

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Fumo is a remote-controlled multifunctional search and support robot that consists of a ground module (the robot), a control console and a base unit for image transfer. On the ground module, different applications can be easily mounted for different rescue operations. The applications mainly consist of third-party products which, through Fumo’s well-defined mechanical, electrical and software interfaces, can be easily mounted for various rescue operations. For example, Fumo can be used as an inspection robot, smoke diving robot, extinguishing robot, gas detection robot or indicator robot, load carrier robot or a combination of these.

The applications for Fumo are many. With the vision system, you find out what it looks like in the smoke-filled room where you do not want to enter. Fumo’s fibre cable system gives you the opportunity to work at distances where wireless communication is not enough. With the fire extinguisher, you can cool an electric car or a gas tube from a distance. Maybe you choose to send Fumo with indicator equipment when you suspect leakage of a dangerous gas. These are examples that show how Fumo contributes to increased tactical operational capability in rescue operations.


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