About us

Business orientation

Realisator Robotics sells and develops the multifunctional search and support robot Fumo. The primary target group is the Swedish rescue services, where Fumo contributes to a better working environment with safer and more efficient operations. The applications are often in difficult environments, which places high demands on the product and gives Fumo its quality stamp. The strategy is to take advantage of the quality stamp when approaching volume markets such as the construction and mining industries. The company’s development work is conducted in close collaboration with the customer and our production partner Scanfil Åtvidaberg.


The company’s strategy is to be a skilled integrator of applications, usually third-party products, that provide functional solutions for the customer’s needs. In order to be able to offer our customers applications at the technological forefront, we strive for collaborations with suppliers who provide such solutions, such as vision systems, fire extinguishers, etc.


The company also collaborates with universities & colleges and more than 20 students have over the years carried out their degree projects in collaboration with Realisator Robotics. Furthermore, the company is part of networks that are adequate for the industry, such as Win Guard, Robotdalen, and Things.


Thomas Eriksson, CEO – AB Realisator Robotics


The company collaborate with universities, here in a cooperation with students from Royal Institute of Technology and Mälardalen University.