Board of Directors

The Board of Directors for AB Realisator Robotics:
Ordförande Jerry Ericsson

Jerry Ericsson, chairman of the board

Jerry has a master’s degree in economics and has his background from the Studsvik Group, as CFO and Deputy CEO for many years.

Magnus Danielson, ledamot

Magnus Danielsson, member

Magnus has a master’s degree in economics and is a previously authorized public accountant at PwC 2002-2015. He then joined the then family-owned Presto Group with group coordination, company acquisitions and business development. Following the family’s sale of the Nordic business in 2019, he is active as CEO of Gripen Industri & Invest AB.

VD Thomas Eriksson

Thomas Eriksson, founder, member and CEO

Thomas has a PhD in Solid State Electronics. Thomas has a background from the borderland between academia and business, including as marketing director at Swedish Defense Research Agency (FOI).

Anders Kuikka, ledamot

Anders Kuikka, member

Anders has a MSc and an MBA degree. After a time in the family-owned company, he worked as a Trade Commissioner in North America. Anders has many years of experience working in the venture capital market as well as the interim management market.

Thomas Öster, ledamot

Thomas Öster, member

Thomas has a MSc degree and has his background from the Ericsson Group, where he has been Key Account Manager for several markets for many years.