Fumo – a multifunctional search and support robot

We are now launching the fire-fighting robot Fumo – a versatile remote-controlled reconnaissance and support robot that assists the rescue service’s staff in everyday work. Fumo is developed in close collaboration with the Swedish rescue service for rescue services worldwide. With Fumo, the rescue service can take on work that they today, for work environment or safety reasons, avoid doing. Fumo offers a better working environment for rescue service personnel (UN Global Goal 8) with more efficient and safer efforts to save lives and protect existing infrastructure (UN Global Goal 9) and cultural heritage (UN Global Goal 11).

Fumo is characterized by being a flexible, versatile but still a robust rescue robot. The versatility means that third-party products can be easily mounted on Fumo and remotely controlled from a protected location where Fumo conveys information in real time. Camera systems, fire extinguishing equipment, gas sensors, loading platforms are examples of equipment that can be easily mounted on Fumo. With this flexibility, the tactical operational capability of the rescue services also increases. In principle, it is only your own imagination and needs that set the limits for how Fumo can be used.

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Fire & Rescue exhibition

Join us in Västervik for the Fire & Rescue exhibition by Westervik 24/7 the 15-16th of September! You will be able to see live demonstrations of our robot Fumo at 11:00 and 15:00 the 15th, and at 11:00 the 16th! Fumo is a versatile, remote-controlled,...

An article in the Mobile Robot Guide

Earlier this week Mobile Robot Guide published an article regarding Fumo and our cooperation with Scanfil. Follow this lonk to read the article: https://mobilerobotguide.com/2021/06/16/realisator-robotics-develops-fire-fighter-robot-together-with-scanfil/

Scanfil sends press release about Fumo

Earlier today, our partner Scanfil sent a press release about our collaboration with our fire-fighting robot Fumo. Read the press release here: https://www.scanfil.com/investors/stock-exchange-releases/

Demonstration of Fumo at Revinge

About forty rescue services and MSB have been invited to a demonstration of Fumo at MSB's training field in Revinge on Wednesday 19 May. The invitation is primarily aimed at rescue services in Götaland. (Due to pandemic limited number of participants). The...

Fumo in the magazine Brandmannen

The magazine Brandmannen has in its latest issue an article about Fumo. It is three years since the newspaper last wrote about Fumo, which was then in the prototype stage. Today's article states that Fumo has been industrialized in collaboration with Scanfil...