Fumo – a multifunctional search and support robot

We are now launching Fumo – a multifunctional robot for search and support mission. Fumo is developed in close collaboration with the Swedish rescue services for global use. With Fumo, you can take on work that you today, for work environment or safety reasons, avoid performing. Fumo offers you a safer work environment (UN Global Goal No. 8) with more effective efforts to save lives and protect existing infrastructure (UN Global Goal No. 9) and cultural heritage (UN Global Goal No. 11).

Fumo is characterised by its portable and mobile, but still robust, ground module on which different applications easily can be mounted in accordance with the customer’s wishes for functionality and areas of use, such as vision systems, fire extinguishing equipment, gas sensors, load platforms etc. The multifunctionality increases the area of use and you increase your tactical operational capability.

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Highest credit rating

Last week, Bisnode upgraded Realisator Robotics to its highest credit rating, AAA. Chairman of the Board - It is another proof that we are a well-run company, says chairman Jerry Ericsson in a comment to the news.

Fumo at Win Guard meeting

At todays Win Guard meeting Fumo was presented for the rescue services. About seventy people was registered mostly from the Swedish rescue forces. Watch the video here. https://youtu.be/fRuQOc7-5S0

Fumo as an extra carrying aid

Fumo is an intelligent packer who assists the rescue service personnel. It is obvious that Fumo with its load platform is an extra carrying aid in many situations. Here are a few suggestions on how to use the load platform. Figure: Concept on load basket for Fumo...

Fumo pulls water-filled hose

Fumo is equipped with powerful motors where the fire extinguisher forms a hose connection on Fumo. During our tests in collaboration with the Rescue Service Östra Götaland, Fumo pulled over 100 m of water-filled rough hose on dry asphalt. The assessment is that...

Fire extinguisher as an application

In collaboration with Unifire, their fire extinguisher Force 50 has been successfully tested on Fumo in collaboration with the ERIA project at MSB. The fire extinguisher was remotely controlled with the hose connected and a water pressure of 10 bar without any...