Westervik 24/7

23 May 2022

Westervik 24/7 offered a great experience at their Fire & Rescue exhibition, and to our delight we got to see our firefighting Fumo in the Västerviks-Tidningen (Västerviks Newspaper) as they covered the exhibition!

There were many interesting exhibitors and we found ourselves surrounded by a vast variety of new solutions and developments for rescue workers. We had a wonderful time at our stand, meeting new people and old friends while showing off Fumo.

“The Fire and Rescue exhibition by Westervik 24/7 was a real success for us and we are eager to continue the dialogues that the exhibition opened for us” –  Thomas Eriksson, CEO, Realisator

The exhibition welcomed around 80 exhibitors and around 300 people came to learn more about the future of rescue services. Seeing so many new ways of helping our rescue workers, and the interest of these developments, was really motivating for us and our journey with Fumo.

If you missed the exhibition or would want to learn more about Fumo, book a demo at: info@realisator.se

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