Fumo on Scanfil’s web site

5 May 2022

Scanfil recently shared an article covering the collaboration with Realisator in the development of the fire-fighting robot Fumo. 

In 2019 Realisator approached Scanfil regarding Fumo, a multifunctional robot developed in close cooperation with the larger Swedish Rescue Services and the Swedish Civil Contingencies Agency (MSB). Scanfil’s article brings light onto the collaboration and how Scanfil understood Realisator’s needs while guiding them to successful results and make Fumo available on the market.

Realisator started developing Fumo in 2011, with the aim to offer fire-fighters not a replacement but an assistant which can help improve their work environment and workload. Fumo is a remote-controlled robot able to extinguish fires, search places with no visibility conditions, help pull heavy, waterfilled fire hoses and more.

To learn more about Fumo book a demo at: info@realisator.se


Read Scanfil’s article: https://www.scanfil.com/reference/realisator-robotics-fire-fighter-robot 

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