Robotics for municipal rescue services

15 March 2022

More and more reports about the need for better work environments within rescue services are going public. In Win Guards Workshop summary, they state a growing interest for robotics within rescue services. Räddningstjänsten Storgöteborg in collaboration with MSB recently released their report covering robotics for municipal rescue services, where robotics was once again mentioned as a potential way to create better work environments for those out on the field.

“We also experienced that the interest in robotics in the rescue services is increasing, but that most people seem to be waiting for someone else to take the lead.”
-Brandrobotar För Kommunal Räddningstjänst, 2022 by Räddningstjänsten Storgöteborg and MSB

Someone needs to start, so why not start with Fumo?

Few rescue services across Europe have implemented robotics into their workflows, but the interest is only growing! Fumo is the only small, Scandinavian robot already available on the market, developed in collaboration with the major Swedish rescue services and industrialised in cooperation with Scanfil Åtvidaberg, Sweden. Made together with rescue workers for rescue workers.

The fact that more reports regarding robotics in rescue services are being published crystalizes the importance of Fumo, validating the 10 years spent developing a robot that can help rescue workers in an effective way. An easy-to-use assistant that can be the key to better work environments and safer undertakings.

Let’s not wait anymore. Contact us at and we can book a demonstration of what Fumo can offer to the worlds rescue workers.


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